I'm a freelance illustrator / webdesigner with experience in designing new sites /logos/ branding for businesses. I am proficient in dreamweaver/ photoshop but I still love the old fashioned pen to paper style of art.

I believe in the d.i.y ethos in art. Building my own 4 colour screen printer to make merch for myself and independent shops in the southwest. I have a vast experience in producing graphics for print and working colaboratively on projects.

Online marketing strategist, SEO, website content management. Creative thinker coming up with new ideas and seeing them though to marketable templates/ graphics in order to drive businesses forward.

If you are interested in working with me you might like to check out my online cv, I have joined businesses that have made record breaking profits and i'm pretty good at drawing too.

I make prints and tshirts, so if you like what you see please visit my store.
If you are here you know I mostly draw things so go see what they look like.
For Commisions, Collaborating and general ramblings please contact me directly and we can talk.